Looking for Beauty & Space That Only Marin Offers?

Looking for Beauty & Space That Only Marin Offers?

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Many Bay Area singles and families have been stressed in new ways during the last 12 months. Between the pandemic, the political and cultural unrest, and a change in corporate culture, many have been thinking of leaving more urban and crowded areas for places like Marin County.
When looking for the best place to live, whether you're retiring, going to school or looking for a fresh start, it's a good idea to look at your options and what you think is an ideal location.


For many, weather and climate are probably the most important factors when it comes time to choose the best place to live. In our new 'outdoor only' social lifestyle, when deciding where to live, think about the kind of activities you enjoy and how much weather will affect those activities. Are you a hot weather person (Northern Marin), cold weather person (Southern Marin) or do you like a moderate, year-round spring-like climate (Central Marin)? What about the amount of rain or snow you can withstand? 


While we may not always take advantage of the opportunities that our city or town provides, it's always better to have the option of doing things than no option at all. And to research your options, I recommend spending some time in your local bookstore, perusing the travel guides/city guides, and doing some online surfing. Most cities have their website, and local online newspapers will list activities and cultural events.

Work-At-Home Lifestyle

Many companies are accommodating the change long term. Google, Twitter, Salesforce and other Bay Area employers are giving staff the option of working from home.
“Because we can take our laptops anywhere,” says Tracy McLaughlin, a top Marin County realtor® said, “that lets us work and live in places we never dreamed of. If people can still earn what they did in the city, and enjoy some breathing room, they are not going back.” Before they do, she said, “cities will have to be clean and safe and beautiful for people to want to return or they will remain blighted.”
If you've been thinking of selling your Marin County home, now is your chance! Alternatively, if you have been thinking of making the move to Marin, the following considerations should factor into your decision in finding the perfect home!

What Buyers Want Now

Indoor-outdoor living. “If they are going to move out of the city, they want to touch the ground,” McLaughlin said. “They want yards, not elevated living, not decks or balconies. They want a place where they can entertain outside, and enjoy outdoor recreation and feel safe. Swimming pools are huge.”
Room for exercise. Having a yoga studio or peloton room is a big selling feature. When gyms closed, then reopened with only limited capacity, people began creating places in their homes to help them feel healthy.
Walking trails. Homeowners want to walk outside with their dogs and be on a walking trail. They don’t want to have to drive to a dog park.Safer neighborhoods. “People can deal with a year of not going to restaurants or bars but not with also having homes or cars broken into or homeless people living on their street,” she said.
Workspace. Even if it doesn’t have a dedicated home office, every home must have a place to work, preferably one with a view.
Outbuildings. Since the pandemic, guest houses are more desirable. Accessible dwelling units (ADUs) have been on the rise. Whether for boomerang kids or in-laws, they allow families to be close without living together.
Simple technology. Homebuyers want easy technology. They don’t want a remote to turn on their fireplaces. They don’t want crazy lighting systems. They want great internet, solid cell service and performance right away.
No fixers. Buyers don’t want houses that need a lot of work. “Buyers want turnkey. They don’t have the bandwidth to remodel,” she said. “They want to buy a house where they can move in and feel good right away.”
The value of Marin's homes are at a premium for sellers looking to transition - Contact Me to get started today. And if you are looking for the beauty and space that only Marin can offer, I can help you find your new home!  Contact me to get started - Tracy Curtis, Coldwell Banker Realty, Email

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