What’s In Store For Our Marin Party Scene

What’s In Store For Our Marin Party Scene

What’s In Store For Our Marin Party Scene

Just like the rest of the world, Marin County is cautiously thinking about getting back to normal – and this includes PARTIES!

But even after the final COVID restrictions are removed, there may be some lasting effects of the pandemic on how we choose to celebrate. Here in Marin County, while we’ve been spared the worst of the pandemic due to higher-than-average vaccine rates, socializing is more subjective than ever before. People who didn't feel affected will return sooner—people who were very affected are having a harder time coming back.

You'll see new entertaining styles gaining prominence, a few old traditions disappearing—and a lot more people excited to have you over to their house (or at least, their patio). But one thing remains sure: We're all ready to celebrate. People are craving parties to celebrate the life they are returning to and have missed so dearly.

So what does the Marin party scene look like this summer? What are the trends? And how do you not misstep in this unchartered territory?

Outdoors will still be in

We'll be putting all that backyard and patio upgrading we've been doing during the pandemic to good use, as more people plan for safer and easier entertaining as the pandemic winds down. Tents aren't going anywhere.

Some traditions may be on their way out

The handshake may be in its final days. We only shake hands with people we don't know or aren't close to, and there's no way of knowing if that person is 'COVID safe, so let’s just agree to not go there. But hugs are back for those we know and love….and those we know have been as careful as we have all these months.  And blowing out the candles for birthdays may be officially off the table. Blowing out birthday candles, though quaint, is out, out, out. Now that we know how far aerosolized saliva travels, we won't be doing that outside of children's birthday parties, and perhaps not even there.

Parties at home will be getting a boost

In fact, the number of Americans planning to host get-togethers at home rose by 25 percent over pre-pandemic levels, according to a survey by ButcherBox. And 79 percent said their first post-pandemic party will be at someone's home, rather than at a restaurant or other venue. Parks are also a hot commodity here in Marin, so be sure to book your space soon – or plan a mid-week party. You deserve it! 

Party sizes will remain intimate

The past two years has been about small, intimate celebrations and that is where many want to keep it. There is a stigma attached to those ‘super spreaders’ that make us just want to keep it on the at-home low-down.

Expect a busier social calendar in Summer 2022

There's a backlog of things to celebrate, as many people put off parties for milestones or weddings until they could celebrate as they wanted. They didn't want to have masks and restrictions on the dance floor, so they waited. That goes for parties in the next few years as well. Book now and make sure you have a refundable deposit.

Party Insurance – Is that a thing?

Many folks who moved their events into 2022 and 2023 will be competing  with new celebration-inclined folks and things are in flux. There will be a lot of competition for venues and vendors. But be sure you have an out if you need one. To me, this is the number one reason to host your celebration at a family member’s home whenever possible.

Think bars, not buffets

Some styles of entertaining may be heading off into the sunset post-pandemic—like the buffet line. Instead, people will be reintroducing interactive specialty bars and dessert stations, where you can create a custom creation—like a prosecco bar with different juices and liqueurs to whip up the perfect aperitif. 

People will be pulling out all the stops

If there's anything we discovered during the pandemic, it's how much we love the people closest to us—and as confidence in the pandemic picture improves, that may translate to adding a little more "special" into special celebrations with our family and friends. Even if the guest list is smaller, people haven't pulled back on their budget. You can still make your celebration elegant and incredibly chic.

Party ideas

If you’re looking for some outdoor party ideas, see my blog ‘Timely Tips for Al Fresco Parties and Beyond.’

Do you have some outdoor entertaining ideas I haven't thought of? Share them here! And if you've been to a friend's backyard party and are experiencing yard envy, let's talk! It's still a great time to buy and an even better time to sell! For more articles about buying, selling and living in Marin County, I invite you to visit my blog site. Tracy Curtis, Coldwell Banker Realty, Let’s Connect!


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